Frequently asked artist questions

How does Nelson Fringe select shows?

Fringes vary in how they select work, some are completely curated and some are a lottery. Nelson falls between the two.

Our panel will select a very limited number of shows but most will be pulled from a hat. The aim is to try to ensure a mix of local and touring shows as well as a range of performance styles.

We particularly welcome shows that are playing other NZ fringes.

But the first thing we need to do is make sure that you can work in our spaces.

How much does it cost and how much can I make?

Well, don’t plan your retirement yet. Realistically most shows do little more than break even once you take into account things like rehearsals, costumes, props and (if you are from out of town) accommodation. Some shows can make a decent profit but please don’t count on it.

Every show’s budget varies but if you want advice, please let us know and we can talk things through.

NFF operates on a simple 60:40 split. 60% of income to the artist and 40% to the fringe.

Standard tickets are $16 + booking fees. Patrons can also choose to pay $25 or $45 to help support the artists. A significant number of people do choose to pay a premium. You will receive 60% of the sales after booking fees, etc.

Some comp tickets will be available to you and we will issue some to our sponsors and judges.

How many nights can I perform?

Between 1 and 3! We want to encourage shows to do short runs rather than individual performances.

What are my costs?

There is no fee to apply.

If you are accepted and sign a contract, we will ask for a $50 deposit for each performance. This will be returned to you once you have performed as part of your ticket reconciliation.

Will there be technical support?

You will get up to one hour technical/ rehearsal time as standard with a technician to help you. You can ask for more time but there will be a $15/ hr charge for the venue and a $30/hr fee if you need a technician.

There is also a $40 fee if you use a Nelson Fringe operator to run your show.

How will my event be promoted?

NFF will publish online and paper programmes and run a marketing campaign. However, we recommend that you try to do your own marketing as well. We can advise you, and work with you so that we’re not all doubling up, but we can’t do a full marketing campaign aimed at your specific show.

Is there accommodation for artists?

We hope to have an accomodation partner who will give discounts. More news on that later.

I’m from overseas, will I need a visa?

No (in most circumstances). Nelson Fringe is a Visa Exempt approved Fringe, which means that if you are from an approved country you will not need a work visa (A full list of countries can be found via NZ Immigration Visa Waiver Visitor Visa). There is some info we need from you.

EVERYONE ( except Kiwis and Australians) entering Aotearoa needs an NZeTA – a simple e-visa costing $17. Details via the above page or your travel agent.