Control Z

Control Z
Control Z (Whakatū Nelson)

Characters. Plot. Setting. What makes a play come to life?

From the creators of The Waiting Game, Control Z explores the behind-the-scenes of creating a play in a way that is hilarious and unique.

Join two students in their attempts to create the perfect play by giving power back to iconic villains. But maybe teaching villains to be villainous is more dangerous than it seems, and the duo may have unleashed something they could regret.

Control Z is a group of enthusiastic teen theatre performers who have too much creativity to only be performing other people’s work. The group has successfully created and performed The Waiting Game in 2022 and was working to complete their first one-hour play The Art Heist when they got side-tracked by the opportunity to bring Nelsonians their latest and greatest idea at the 2024 Nelson Fringe Festival.

Control Z is a mixture of scripted and improv content, and a team of actors that have been on stage at every opportunity, Nelson is in for a treat!

Sat 16 March at 4:00pm
Sun 17 March at 6:00pm
Tues 19 March at 6:00pm

Venue: Red Door Theatre
Rating: G, especially for 7yrs and up

$10 +booking fee
kids-on-the-knee for free

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Keywords: Family, Improv, Kids, Theatre, Youth


Red Door Theatre

95 Atawhai Drive, The Wood
Nelson, New Zealand

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