I Am

I Am
embodyMe (Mārahau)

We all present a mask of egoic identity to the world, based on programming, but what happens when the mask is lifted to reveal who and what is beneath? I Am uses dance and music to explore how to discover attachments to ego stories and to feel what it’s like to let go.

To stand bare, with no mask, to face our programs, beliefs, stories, and loops, to go within takes a desire to connect to the heart. The mask shows our egoic identity, the one we present to the world based on our programming, created as a way of dealing with the world and what it asks of us.

If the mask is lifted, who and what is beneath? It is perhaps an opportunity to discover who “I AM” and who I am not. When we open up to vulnerability with a desire to intimately connect within, we may find what we are all looking for.

Through dance and music, Dani explores what it is to wear and remove masks while challenging ego stories. Intentionally using movement to move past these psychological spaces and embody emotions that block us from feeling and connecting deeply with ourselves. The performance encourages others to witness what is reflected.

I Am is presented by Dani Love, who has a 13-year background in dance and performance. A continued love for movement and dance has made them an active participant in the Motueka and Nelson region’s dance community, holding dance events and participating in festivals.

One Night Only!

Thurs 14 March at 6:00pm

Venue: Red Door Theatre
Rating: PG

$16 +booking fee

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Keywords: Dance, Improv, Music


Red Door Theatre

95 Atawhai Drive, The Wood
Nelson, New Zealand