Leaning In

Leaning In
Nothing Linear (all with connections to Whakatū Nelson)

A stand-up comedy show highlighting some of the funniest people in Nelson and beyond, who all just happen to not be men! Starring Aimée Borlase, Molly Wilkin, Troubadette and Sarah O’Connell.

Leaning In features four very clever women:

Aimée Borlase – part-time Nelsonian. Aimée is a classic millennial triple threat (comedian-singer-executive assistant). Despite her vast stage experience, she is often most celebrated for her typing speed and ability to keep houseplants alive.

Molly Wilkin – former Nelsonian. Molly has hit the comedy scene at full speed, coming in second at the Good Times Comedy Club Fresh Competition 2023, and impressing everyone with her dark humour, wild tangents, and dynamic energy.

Troubadette – possible future Nelsonian. In the 12th century, troubadours sang songs of chivalry to noble families. In the 21st century, Troubadette sings songs of bikini waxing and dismemberment to anyone who’ll listen.

Sarah O’Connell – current Nelsonian. Sarah is a mainstay of the Nelson comedy scene, ready to Sarahsplain the ups and downs of life to you.

Nothing Linear is a small performing arts production group, run by Aimée Borlase and Molly Wilkin. We focus on inclusive and diverse performance, especially looking to support and produce queer, neurodivergent, and feminist artists and works.

World Premiere!
One Night Only!
Warnings Language, Audience interaction

You can also see Aimée performing in BiMillennial Woman on Thurs 21 March at 6:00pm; and in (Not) Cancelled with Jess D’Ath  on Sat 23 March at 6:00pm.
And Troubadette is also performing in SPACE HOLE on
Fri 22 at 9:00pm & Sat 23 March at 10:15pm.

Fri 22 March at 6:00pm
Venue: Studio One
Rating: 18+

$16 +booking fee

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Keywords: Comedy, Stand Up


Studio One

114 Hardy Street (enter via Refinery ArtSpace)
Nelson, 7010 New Zealand