Love at Times

Love at Times
ProEnglish Theatre (Ukraine)

Stories of Love at Times of War – a musical with songs of ABBA, Garbage and Okean Elzy, lots of guns and love stories.

Story 1 Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell: Two fighters from Kyiv Territorial Defence discuss their love relationships.

Story 2 Katie & Frank: a regular family quarrel of “you never listen to me” with one difference – she’s got a gun in her purse…

Texts by Nina Zakhozhenko, Theresa Rebeck
Choreography by Jasmina Sotelo
Vocal coach: Valerie Leif
Piano: Olexii Afanasiev
Actors: Slava Krasowska, Daniil Prymachov, Dan Vynohradov, Olexii Afanasiev, Michael Zagaiko
Directed by Alex Borovenskiy

Founded in 2018, ProEnglish Theatre is an independent English-speaking Theatre in Kyiv, Ukraine. Their repertoire consists of performances in English by mostly American and British playwrights. ProEnglish Theatre tours Ukraine and Europe, taking part in various festivals in Ukraine and abroad, and is a member of International Amateur Theatre Association (IATA).

In 2018 the theatre took part in theatre festivals Komora 2018, Theatre Day Fest and founded their own festival – Pro.ACT.Fest, which is held annually, bringing together English-speaking theatres from Ukraine, Poland, Hungary, Canada, USA and more.

In 2020 the performance Blondi/Bunker (directed by Valeri Leif) received a prize for the best directing and ensemble at the Bremen Festival Kultur on Tour. During lockdown in 2022 the theatre realised their projects online (ProEnglish Live Instagram lectures 11 Mondays at 11 about contemporary theatre, and Artist Talk).

From the start of the full-scale invasion, ProEnglish Theatre transformed into ArtShelter, where they hosted a bomb shelter in the basement of the theatre for residents of nearby buildings, while continuing to create art. Since then, ProEnglish Theatre has created seven new performances and travelled to festivals including Prague Fringe, RVK Fringe, Stockholm Fringe and Gothenburg Fringe.

Warnings Language, Gun shots

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Sat 16 March at 4:30pm
Sat 23 March at 4:30pm
Venue: Refinery ArtSpace
Rating: 14+

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Refinery ArtSpace

114 Hardy Street
Nelson, 7010 New Zealand