Soundpainting with Alvaro Moreno

Soundpainting with Alvaro Moreno
Cultural Conversations (Whakatū Nelson)

This will be the 3rd Soundpainting workshop that has taken place in Whakatū. Join Alvaro Moreno for a unique and immersive experience:

Soundpainting is a captivating multidisciplinary live composition technique that unites music, movement, and theatre in a dynamic artistic collaboration. Utilising a universal sign language, known as Soundpainting gestures, a Soundpainter directs a group of performers to spontaneously create a unique and immersive performance in real-time.

This innovative approach empowers the conductor to guide musicians, dancers, actors, and other artists through a vast palette of possibilities, including tempo changes, sound textures, movement motifs, and emotional expressions. Soundpainting transcends conventional boundaries, enabling a fluid and interactive exchange between the conductor and performers, fostering a sense of collective creativity and exploration. The result is a mesmerising live experience where the audience witnesses the birth of an ever-evolving composition, brimming with spontaneity, improvisation, and artistic synergy.

Soundpainting celebrates the boundless potential of human expression and invites us to embrace the thrilling unknown of collaborative artistic creation. Each session is different. Last time we had dancers, a VJ with lights, vocals, percussion, woodwind, electronic and string instruments. What would you like to bring. Cultural Conversations is a place where we want everyone to feel they belong.

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Sat 16 March at 4:00 – 5:45pm

Venue: Cultural Conversations
Rating: 14+

Suggested donation $15-$30

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Cultural Conversations

Morrison Square
Nelson, 7010 New Zealand