Forget Me Not

Forget Me Not
Nikkie Karki (Whakatū Nelson)

Deidre is in her final years in life and spends her time thinking about her regrets and grief of losing her one and only love, Tom. Deidre spends her days house bound, reminiscing to her plant Betty. She dips in and out of consciousness not knowing what a dream or reality is anymore with memories playing out in the here and now.

Her feelings of loneliness and abandonment come out when interacting with the outside world, particularly with her two children. Deidre prefers to rely on her plant Betty for comfort and support (no one else seems to understand, or even care).

This solo show explores a very relevant issue of these modern times where the nuclear family lives far away from extended family and the elderly experience loneliness as a common event, particularly since Covid and the like, where isolation to protect the elderly is now a norm, often at the expense of wellbeing and connection.

Bought to by Nikki Karki, who presented the stunning Not JUST a Mother at the 2023 Fringe.

Directed by Donna Chapman.

With thanks for support by The Umbrella Project.

Nikkie is also appearing in the kids show, The Three Charms, on Sun 17 March at 11:00am and 1:30pm.

Sun 17 March at 6:05pm
Mon 18 March at 6:05pm

Venue: Refinery ArtSpace
Rating: PG

$16 +booking fee

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Refinery ArtSpace

114 Hardy Street
Nelson, 7010 New Zealand

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