The Three Charms

The Three Charms
Nikkie Karki, Glenn Cousins and Akiko Miyamoto (Whakatū Nelson) (Whakatū Nelson)

Come and explore the world of children’s Japanese folk tales! The Three Charms is an adapted folk tale of a magical escapade.

One Autumn day a little monk, Anchin, goes off to the dangerous mountains to pick chestnuts, because he loves chestnuts, and it is chestnut season after all! The priest is very worried for his safety as the scary mountain witch lives in the mountains, so he gives Anchin three charms to protect himself.

But will those charms help protect him from the scary witch? And will he get home safely? Come along to find out.

Akiko has had a lot of fun creating the handmade puppets herself. She combined her knowledge and experience of Japanese folk tales with Glenn and Nikkie’s experience of improvisational theatre to create a spontaneous and fun children’s puppet show for all the whānau to enjoy.

Bought to you by the same company that presented the absolutely enchanting sold-out show, Jack and the Beanstalk at the 2023 Fringe Festival.

Nikkie Karki is also appearing in, Forget Me Not, on Sun 17 & Mon 18 March at 6:05pm.

Sun 17 March at 11:00am
Sun 17 March at 1:30pm
Venue: Red Door Theatre
Rating: Family Friendly, especially 5yrs and up

$10 +booking fee
kids-on-the-knee for free

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Red Door Theatre

95 Atawhai Drive, The Wood
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