It’s the 2024 Nelson Fringe Awards!

Drum roll please – it’s time to announce our 2024 Nelson Fringe Awards
We had a team of judges who (between them) managed to see every single show in the festival. Whoa – that’s a feat in itself, and we thank each and every one of them from the bottom of our festy hearts. We then collated their feedback, and voilà – a list of Awards!

Congratulations everyone! It’s a massive effort to get on stage for a fringe show, whether it’s a well-honed show-on-the-road, or a brand-new, bunny-in-the-limelight kinda experience. Every performer (and their support crew) deserve almighty praise for their triumphs.

HUGE congrats to our winners, and for the full list of nominees, click here.

Best of the Fest
– False idol  

Best Solo Performer
– Andy Manning (False Idol)

Best Ensemble
– Medea

Best Actor
– Molly Clarke (Medea)

Best Director
– Anton Bentley (Medea)

Best Script
– Andy Manning (False Idol)

Best Comic
– Dan Bain: Anxiety Knife

Best Design
– The Three Charms

Development Award
– False Idol 

Audience Favourite
– The Trial

Spirit of The Fringe
– Debra Allen